2019 GMC Canyon Redesign, Price, Denali

All hints in the industry are that the 2019 GMC Canyon will be undergoing a serious visual makeover. The reasoning is to try and attract the consumer that wants the workhorse capabilities of a truck, but the more comfortable fit and feel of a car. Below are a few of the changes that are expected to come your way when shopping for the perfect truck in late 2018.

2019 GMC Canyon front

Sleek Elegance of a Car In a Tough GMC Pickup Truck

The finished look of the 2019 GMC Canyon will be one that turns a lot of heads. At some angles, such as the front, the Canyon resembles the elegant design features that are common to many GMC cars. There is no denying that it is a powerful truck from the sides and rear. The subtle design blend is one of the major body-style changes that will become a part of the next generation of pickup trucks. The increase in the flash from added chrome features will also attract more attention than most new trucks have in the recent past.

Denali Equals Powerful Luxury

The basic work grade model of the 2019 GMC Canyon will have the nuts and bolts of what you need to get the job done, but the Denali model will be a statement of working luxury. The GMC plans to load the dash with plenty of gadgets to satisfy your technological desires and the interior will wrap you in the cool feel of genuine leather. The company believes that there is no reason to leave luxury behind during a tough work day.

Creating a truck that can handle all the chores needed, but be lightweight enough to save fuel is the goal of GMC research and design teams. The upcoming 2019 GMC Canyon offers a much lighter finished product that has the ability to carry the heavy loads of a full-size pickup truck. The aerodynamic styling assists in fuel savings as well.

2019 GMC Canyon interior

2019 GMC Canyon - Duramax Engine and Transmission

Fans and critics alike have been very receptive to the performance and power offered by the 2.8 liter Duramax engine. You will be offered 181 HP and 369 pond-feet of engine torque. This will be enough pulling power to accommodate the needs of contractors, ranchers and handle the jobs for many other industries. What really has the automotive world buzzing with rumor is the idea put forth that GMC may be replacing the 6-speed automatic transmission with a formidable 8-speed version. Whether this is myth or reality will be an unknown until more specifics are released by GMC.

2019 GMC Canyon rear

Competitive Pricing

How much will all of this new styling and power set you back? The GMC is also planning to release the standard fare trucks with the price tag of around $28,000 to $33,000 dollars. This puts a sturdy and durable truck within an affordable price range for most people that need this type of transportation. The more luxurious 2019 GMC Canyon Denali might see the market start price of roughly $40,000 to $42,000 dollars. Their attempts to keep prices within competitive ranges should pay off with big sales. It might be time to check out the 2019 GMC Canyon if you have been considering making the move to a pick-up with real power.